Genoma scenico

interactive performance concept Nicola Galli
production TIR Danza, stereopsis
dance Gloria Dorliguzzo, Margherita Dotta, Nicola Galli, Paolo Soloperto
assistant Giulia Melandri
in collaboraction with MUSE Museo delle Scienze of Trento, Centro Culturale S. Chiara, Festival Oriente Occidente / CID Centro Internazionale della Danza
supported by Rete Almagià, Cantieri Danza
lenght from 30’ to 60‘
selected for Danza Urbana XL, Network Anticorpi XL

Genoma scenico is an interactive dance performance based on interaction between audience and dancers.
Genoma scenico is structured as a game session in which people are engaged in the creation of short dance performances and experience the role of author and choreographer using an original playful device.
Just as each person has a unique genetic code, in the same way the audience is invited to discover the uniqueness of the performance through the use of a device inspired on genome research, a discipline that maps the genetic heritance with the aim of studying the development and the functioning of living things.
The device consists of 33 cards on a table which represent a multiplicity of parameters that compose a performance. Every spectator could choose freely 7 among the 33 cards to generate a personal “genomic string” that contains all the informations of a short performance: number of dancers will act the string, space in which they will move, qualities of movement, duration, quality of sound and direction of light.
All the genomic strings generated by the selection of the cards – metaphor of the chance that set of chromosomes is made up with – will be instantly interpretated and acted by the dancers, as unique artistic result of circumstances and social environment.

project winner of RESIDENZE DIGITALI – curated by Centro di Residenza della Toscana (Armunia – CapoTrave/Kilowatt), in collaboration with AMAT e Anghiari Dance Hub, partnering with ATCL per Spazio Rossellini, supported by MiBACT, Regione Toscana, Regione Marche, Regione Lazio and cities: Rosignano Marittimo (Li), Sansepolcro (Ar), Anghiari (Ar) Fondazione CR Firenze, Nuovi Pubblici


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