choreography Manfredi Perego
interpreters Chiara Montalbani
music Paolo Codognola
produced by TIR Danza, MP.ideograms
with the support of Scuola Danza Compagnia Era Acquario
residences Scenario Pubblico, as part of the dance season
a production in collaboration with Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza Scenario Pubblico/CZD

TOTEMICA – liturgies of dispersion
The creation wants to inaugurate a new research process on the relationship with the public, bringing the viewer into a condition of proximity to the choreography, giving up the large stage and, where necessary, a large audience. The aim is to create an intimate, dense experience, in which the audience becomes the scenic border of the dance action, placed in the condition of being able to observe the totality and the detail, directly invested by the energy of the figure embodying the concept.
The choreographic investigation will focus on themes, dear to the choreographer, of the sacred and the natural, a sort of ancestral spirituality, interpreted as a departure or a point of return from human chimaeras. A condition of being from which one cannot really separate, which contains primitive drives and sophisticated thoughts: a place of origin, departure and return, of questions that cannot be answered.
TOTEMICA – liturgies of dispersion is born from the ashes of this lockdown, in which everything is dispersed, less certain. My daily ritual is disintegrated, searching for a base on which to set down. I often find myself taking a tour returning from a kind of sidereal place about which I know I cannot have any certainty. For this choreography, I work on the idea of a God no longer recognized in the present, tangible in history, living but fallen energy. Powerful mute drum that resonates at times. The interpreter falls back into the most enigmatic silence of a new search for himself” (Manfredi Perego).

[photo: Chiara Montalbani in Geografie dell’istante]

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