directed by Moreno Solinas, Igor Urzelai performed by Margherita Elliot
DJ Martha, Anna Bolena
set and costume KASPERSOPHIE
lighting designer Seth Rook Williams dramaturg Simon Ellis
outside ear Alberto Ruiz Soler
production manager Fergus Waldron
producer Sarah Maguire
coproduced with Theatre de la Ville, TIR Danza
supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England
commissioned by The Place, The Lowry and Cambridge Junction
supported by the Spanish Embassy Office of Cultural and Scientific Affairs, Siobhan Davies Dance, Dance4, Workshop Foundation, Dantzagunea, l’Animal a l’esquena, BAD Festival, S’ALA and The Point

I. You. Them. Us. Her. Him. They. She. We. Wanting, watching, laughing, leaving, hiding, smelling, smiling, knowing, growling.
Beat is now. Beat is transforming. Beat is alive. The beat goes on.

Born as a project about failure, BEAT expresses the human ability of performing multiple identities. It is within the limits of what we cannot do that we can decide how to act in the world. It is within the boundaries of our physical, intellectual and cultural limits that we shape and transform our identity. We are able to project to others – more of less consciously – infinite images of ourselves, infinite identities.

BEAT started from questioning what it means to be part of a generation that was brought up with a sense of endless possibilities. It departed from using personal limitations and areas of incompetence as creative triggers and investigating how to overcome them with joy, unashamedness and resourcefulness.

BEAT is a celebration of the fatigue, pain and uncertainty of deciding day by day – moment by moment – who we are.

One person. On the spot. Reinventing herself (or himself?) over and over.

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