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concept and direction Silvia Rampelli
dance Alessandra Cristiani, Eleonora Chiocchini, Valerio Sirna
light Gianni Staropoli
original music Tiago Felicetti
voices Charlie Pitts, Julia Bozzo Magrini quadrophonics and sound Daniel Bacalov
production Habillé d’eau
coproduction Armunia/ Festival Inequilibrio – Castiglioncello, Fabbrica Europa Support Short Theatre, Angelo Mai, Studio Movimento Roma
translation Claudia Rampelli
Ubu Prize 2018 for Best Dance Piece

I’d like to remove words from fact.
The fact is the body, absolute construct, enclosed within matter, matter,
self-evident, questioning,
free of cognition, of intention, of wakefulness, present,
semblance, simulacrum.

For many years I have been looking for a logical and existential pathway that relies on experience as well as philosophical reasoning. I draw a rough parallel between the themes of situativity, of being thrown in, of the fall in Time, and the theatrical device: an artifice that recreates, by way of a forcible exposure to the World, the condition of being ‘open’, the foundation of feeling.

Free of references within contemporary choreography, the scene proposed by Habillé d’eau is a perceptive hypothesis where everything is a sensory datum, a force field in which solitary and tense figures are equally body, time, space, light, silence, sound; an immersive dimension that, embraced and formed by the viewer’s perception, comes into being and becomes language. Object of the investigation is the body: limit and questioning surface, involuntary and unfathomable matter, origin of meaning before and beyond words.

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