•  Barbara Berti 
  •  Riccardo Buscarini 
  •  Compagnia Factory 
  •  Nicola Galli 
  •  Igor and Moreno 
  •  Manfredi Perego 
  •  Maurizio Saiu 
  • TAME GAME, 2011

    Choreographed & Originally Performed by: Csaba Molnár, Moreno Solinas & Igor Urzelai
    Current Cast Members: Fionn Cox-Davies/Sebastian Langueneur, Moreno Solinas & Igor Urzelai
    Composer: Alberto Ruiz Soler with guest musicians: Joaquin Sanpedro (guitars & vocals) & Pablo Barrio Fernández (drums)
    Design: David J Harris
    Lighting Design: Seth Rook Williams
    Supported by: Yorkshire Dance (Leeds),The Place (London), artsdepot (London), Centro per la Scena Contemporanea (Bassano del Grappa), Teatro Publico Pugliese (Bari).
    With thanks to: dialeLa, Alicia Clarke, Jitka Tumova, Azzurra Ardovini, Phil Sanger & Viale s.r.l.

    TAME GAME is the second work created as part of BLOOM! dance collective; in 2011 it was nominated for the Rudolf Laban Award for best Hungarian dance production, in 2014 was one of the finalist of the Premio Equilibrio in Rome and it was selected for the Italian touring network Anticorpi XL 2014/15 and for the NID Platform 2015.

    Combining skilfully crafted choreography and sharp humour, TAME GAME explores the human tendency to meddle. Three male dancers set up a cheeky and exuberant world in which they test their self restraint and subvert the conventions of performance. The audience is invited to play along and be complicit in their witty game.