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Beside personalized production activities, TIR Danza also offers artist-in residency schemes to choreographers working in the field of contemporary dance, danse d’auteur, and experimental dance. Artists reside in the theatres of the Fiorano Modenese and Bomporto councils, which collaborate with TIR Danza at creation of the artistic calendar. TIR Danza artistic directors identify the final specific aims of each residency scheme, combining territory realities and the poetic of the artists. Residencies can aim at research activities or at the production of an existing project; they can house training projects, workshops or awareness raising initiatives on specific topics of contemporary dance, danse d’auteur, and experimental dance. The artists have the possibility of sharing their research results with the audience during to public rehearsals and talk-meetings led by the artistic directors. Among the specific objectives of the residencies, TIR Danza addresses a young audience, offering them creative experiences in the field of performative arts thanks to the realization of theoretical-practical workshops held by the resident artists.

Resident artists in 2015: Barbara Berti, CollettivO CineticO.