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Prove d'Autore XL
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Prove d’autore XL (Author evidences) is a project designed by Rete Anticorpi XL, offering young contemporaryp dance choreographers the opportunity to prove their authorial skills while working with young academic dancers and to enhance the communication between different dance languages. Each selected choreographer is offered a 10 days residency at the Balletto di Toscana Junior Company, directed by Cristina Bozzolini, project partner since 2014, and at the Balletto di Roma Company, directed by Roberto Casarotto, thus increasing the number of dancers and choreographers involved.
The aim of the project is the creation of a 15-20 minutes choreography with a 6 members cast, followed by “sharing sessions” during which the results of the collaboration are shown to experts and to the audience.
The choreographies can eventually become a starting point of co-productions for those interested in the production, be it the involved ballet companies or external institutions.

The 2015 has seen the creation of Non finito a sei voci Choreographer: Riccardo Buscarini, TIR Danza supported artist.