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TIR Danza operates in a contemporary dance, danse d’auteur and experimental dance area that complies with the plurality of the languages and with the cultural references of the extensive universe of performing arts.
TIR Danza is particularly interested in investing experimental realities grown within the most advanced forms of choreographic research.
Within such a framework, TIR Danza promotes activities aiming at the virtuous exchange of views and ideas between different generations of artists and languages. This is an attitude that does not surrender to aesthetic automatisms and firmly sustains the necessity of enhancing a continuity between collectivity art awareness, experimental initiatives and breaches of old patterns.
While aiming at these objectives, TIR Danza adopts a multi-layered production strategy that take the shape of curatorship projects, residencies, training, programming, promotion, distribution and dance dedicated events such as festivals and meetings that enhance the cultural exchange between artists, experts and the audience.
In line with this approach, TIR Danza identifies and selects those artists that, given their work quality and their coherence, respect the cultural criteria of the project; it enriches the artistic production process with forms of relationship, witnessing and divulgation; it activates non-conventional modalities of theoretical debate among the artists; it experiments new production formats, interprets the evolutions of the cultural panorama and the new necessities of sector operators.
At a more general level, TIR Danza aims (not exclusively, but certainly to a significant degree) at the valorization of the artists operating in the Emilia-Romagna region and at the development of national and international networks between institutions, partners, experts and audience. TIR Danza is also involved in scouting activities addressed to under 35-years-old artists, monitoring the choreographic context and promoting the best emerging talents at a regional and national level.

Fabio Acca, Massimo Carosi, Pietro Mazzotta (TIR Danza artistic directors)