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TIR Danza offers various typologies of production support to choreographers working in the field of contemporary dance, danse d’auteur and experimental dance.
After identifying those artists that are in line with their curatorial approach, the artistic directors offer their support through production and co-production initiatives, residency schemes and publicizing activities. Thanks to a “danse d’auteur grant” given by Emilia-Romagna Region, choreographers are offered specific support in terms of promotion and distribution.
During the production phase, TIR Danza sustains the artists offering them suggestions and alternative points of view, creating relationships, elaborating personalized activities of witnessing and divulgation, so to endorse the poetic and the work of the artists.
Choreographers supported in 2016: Riccardo Buscarini, Factory Company, Igor and Moreno, Nicola Galli, Manfredi Perego.
TIR Danza has also supported Marcos Morau and La Veronal in their 2015-16 work Bologna: La Trilogia della vita (Bologna: Trilogy of life)..