•  Barbara Berti 
  •  Riccardo Buscarini 
  •  Compagnia Factory 
  •  Nicola Galli 
  •  Igor and Moreno 
  •  Manfredi Perego 
  •  Maurizio Saiu 
  • JUPITER AND BEYOND, 2013-2015

    With the support of: TIR Danza
    Concept e direction: Nicola Galli
    Action and creation: Alice Bariselli, Alessandra Fabbri, Nicola Galli
    Music: Goldie, Aram Khachaturian, Gy├Ârgy Ligeti, Richard Strauss
    Props: Andrea Mosca
    Costumes: Elena Massari, Maria Ziosi
    Rehearsal space: Teatro Julio Cortazar, Spazio Casaglia, The House / TIR Danza
    Took part to the process of creation: Andrea Baldassarri, Cristine Sonia Baraga, Elisa Mucchi, Giancarlo Sessa
    Supported by the contribution of Fondo per la Danza D'autore/Regione Emilia-Romagna 2015/2016

    Jupiter and beyond is the first episode of Nicola Galli's choreographic research dedicated to solar system, in particular to the planet Jupiter.
    The creation is inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey directed by Stanley Kubrick and gives thought to the ancient and indissoluble link between human, time and space. It offers a magnetic and desolate landscape immersed in silence, micro-polyphonic flows and classical harmonies.
    The bodies inscribes the space drawing a network of trajectories that mutate from square to circle: two geometries related to human proportion in according to Vitruvius thought.
    A man dawns from the darkness and moves in a square space that frames him. He soars in the static nature of this tailored shape, involving a principle of terrestrial order.
    A thin and vertical line, projected upward, represents the peak of the angolar movement and introduces three bodies that draw curves and sinuous shapes, floating towards a celestial direction: the circle.
    Jupiter and Beyond probes the metamorphosis of the shapes, creating a far imaginary that approach to a comparison with the mysterious human destiny.