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  • Il giardino delle delizie, 2017

    site specific performance
    production: Ravenna Festival
    with the support of: TIR Danza
    in collaboration with: Cantieri Danza
    concept and choreography: Nicola Galli
    dance: Sofia Barilli, Alessandra Fabbri, Gianluca Formica, Nicola Galli, Bianca Sirotti
    music: Béla Bartók, Gyorgy Ligeti
    length: 30 minutes
    selected work for international call "Giovani artisti per Dante"

    The Garden of Earthly Delights is a deep choreographic ritual performed in ancient cloisters, which celebrates the Earthly Paradise, a garden located on the top of the Mount of Purgatory.
    Dante Alighieri describes this wonderful place as a luxuriant garden created by God for all humankind. The Earthly Paradise is recalled in the square architecture of the cloister created by men to represent the world.
    The Garden and the cloister blend together in a centuries-old consciousness which follows the physical and spiritual growth of men since ancient times.
    The movement of six bodies, inspired by the complexity of Hieronymus Bosch’s painting, teems inhabiting the garden, a fenced area which protects the most precious goods.
    A weave of gestures flows into the bodies pulled together by a constant desire for movement and linked by their voyage to purification and rise. They are enlightened by the natural predisposition of their soul to passion, which generates a magnetic connection with the heaven in order to create a bright and organic totality.
    The symmetry, which is a fundamental concept in geometry widely spread in nature and in human thoughts for the world comprehension, here becomes the keystone which offers an order to the movement of the bodies.

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