•  Barbara Berti 
  •  Riccardo Buscarini 
  •  Compagnia Factory 
  •  Nicola Galli 
  •  Igor and Moreno 
  •  Manfredi Perego 
  •  Maurizio Saiu 
  • I am shape, in a shape, doing a shape

    Coreographic creation of/with: Barbara Berti
    With the support of TIR Danza
    Dramaturgy advice in the italian version: Carlotta Scioldo
    With the support of Mosaico Danza e H(abita)T – Rete di spazi per la danza/Fiene fluò

    I am shape, in a shape, doing a shape originates from an study on the empathy between a human being and a dog. A flow of movements and words, a language with which Barbara Berti, making use of a repertoire of sequences that are partly written and partly improvised, explores interaction with the audience. A choreographic experiment of sensibility that amplifies the slightest variation of energy in the environment. A sequence of actions in which successive fast and unpredictable changes of atmosphere, from lyrical to humorous, follow on from each other. The creation makes use of a research method developed by the artist in 2013 and focused on the exploration of the invisible connections between mind and body, activated in real time by the performer and the audience in a kind of dialogic interaction between their respective inner spaces. In its realisation, this method is already a specific choreographic language, a precise signature style for the artist, which places the public at the centre of the investigation as a necessary and fundamental polarity in the performative act.

    «I am shape, in a shape, doing a shape is a subtle implementation of presence. A placing of oneself in a condition of openness with respect to the current of micro-information that issued from the public that has gathered for the event. The performer becomes a medium, or shaman, in the renegotiating of their identity and in depositing what happens in essential and unpredictable choreographic snapshots. This is not a show, but a phase of research that assumes – and not without some irony – the constant risk of failure» (Fabio Acca).