•  Barbara Berti 
  •  Riccardo Buscarini 
  •  Compagnia Factory 
  •  Nicola Galli 
  •  Igor and Moreno 
  •  Manfredi Perego 
  •  Maurizio Saiu 
  • Horizon, 2015

    Dance, Choreography: Manfredi Perego
    Music: Paolo Codognola
    Lights: Antonio Rinaldi, Manfredi Perego
    Production: MP.Ideograms with the support of TIR Danza
    Supported by the contribution of Fondo per la Danza D'autore/Regione Emilia-Romagna 2015/2016
    Selected at “Vetrina della Giovane danza d'autore 2015”

    Outstanding finish here
    hovering over
    what is not there


    Suspended, I always end up in precarious balance over inexistent lines.
    Horizon is the inner consequence of Dei crinali. It continues the research of a vibrant imaginative landscape, an Arcadia that does not exist in reality and yet it is present in the human imagination, that Manfredi Perego already explored in his previous works "Graphics of Silence" and "Dei Crinali". The performer now walks into a space that is both inner and outer, an abstraction that exists only in human desires and in the collective imagination. Emotions move the body/metaphor. The chance to enter such a space is liberating: it is a laboratory for the real body to measure itself with the possibility of change there on the horizon.
    Horizon also gives a sense to the concealed vertigo of poetry. It is physical and mental work to empty ourselves and slide on the sensations that embrace the body.