•  Barbara Berti 
  •  Riccardo Buscarini 
  •  Compagnia Factory 
  •  Nicola Galli 
  •  Igor and Moreno 
  •  Manfredi Perego 
  •  Maurizio Saiu 
  • BAU #1

    Coreographic creation of/with: Barbara Berti
    Dramaturgy advice: Carlotta Scioldo, Carlotta Scioldo
    Coreographic assistant: Liselotte Singe
    Produced by TIR Danza
    with the collaboration of DiD Studio NAO Crea residency and H(abita)T – Rete di spazi per la danza/Leggere strutture, Ballhaus Ost (Berlin), Santarcangelo Festival.

    BAU #1 belongs to the BAU - Choreography of thinking series, a segment of a wider research through which Barbara Berti is investigating the effects of hidden connections between body and mind, and how these manifest themselves to the observer during the performative action. More a work in progress than a finished creation, BAU #1 takes as its starting point the processes created by "thought in action" and the intentions such processes can produce. For example, in a space, how can we recognise a change in energy, understood as a state of the presence of the performer and the public? The creation aims to be a kind of guided meditation on the inner processes as collective cognitive experience. Moreover, starting from some practices associated with meditation, BAU #1 explores "disembodiment" in terms of choreography to try and focus on that indefinable condition of presence-in-absence, between mind and body, which passes through gesture, movement and speech, in connection with an audience. The question, which is in some ways secularly mystical, is: "What does being simultaneously in matter and in non-matter signify? Is it possible to find a way and a space to feel the unity between these two conditions?"